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Room Description

Dedicated to the men and boys who for centuries have been grazing sheep and goats in the mountains and on the plans, undertaking long annual trips. Some of these pastors were also guides for tourists on the Grand Tour, as it said in a Guide of 1855 “… to Picinisco (1,200 hab.) The 2nd night’s rest, situated on a lower slope of La Meta. the Easiest way of ascending this mountain is from Picinisco, where good guides can be hired ……… .. “-” …… The Meta. the easiest way to climb this mountain is Picinisco, where good guides can be hired … .. “or for climbers pioneers who first climbed Mount Meta.

The suite I Pastori, of 32 square meters, consists of two rooms, a spacious living room and kitchenette with a barrel vault, a comfortable double bedroom with bathroom. Via an external path it leads to the terrace and the garden.

The suite is 32 m², with 1 double bed. Breakfast included (coffee, cappuccino, tea, juice juice, croissant).