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Room Description

Dedicated to Edward Lear and Charles Keppel Craven, who wrote of the views and the bears in the forests above Picinisco inspiring John Murray, Publisher, Rome and London, whose Guide Books first sent travelers in 1855 to Picinisco “where good guides can be found”; to Paul Alfred de Craven, a colleague of Renoir and Matisse, who painted life in the village and of course, D. H. Lawrence, whose description of the Piazza and the piciniscani shows how little life has changed here over the centuries.

A large 2 bedroom duplex suite of 71 sq. metres most suitable for families (with a divan which can be converted into an additional King size bed) with a dedicated terrace.

The suite is 71 m², with 2 double beds. Breakfast included (coffee, cappuccino, tea, juice juice, croissant).