The principal part of the current building was constructed in 1711 as a house for an Abbot (“La Casa dell’Abate”). Located on Via Giustino Ferri, the main road of the historic centre of Picinisco at its very entrance. Overlooking Val Comino, the Palazzo was built onto one of the original watchtowers of the town constructed nearly 1000 years ago built over one of the main gates to the Old Town – Porta della Prece.

Last used as a home before the Second World War, it was leased until 1983 as the offices of the Carabinieri, who relocated after the earthquake of 1983 caused much damage. Abandoned for 30 years, the building has been completely refurbished and renewed to meet all current regulations, including extensive consolidation and strengthening to meet best practice in seismic protection.

The lower part of the building, previously stables and stores has been converted into some of our suites -each with its own character, reflecting the architecture of the building.

The original town walls enclose the garden, which is planted with olive and fruit trees.