An “Albergo Diffuso“ is a different type of hotel! Literally it is a hotel dispersed among different buildings in a historic town or village!

The idea was born in North Italy in 1982 when someone suggested a new style of hospitality, offering not a site, a location, but an experience! A life style, not an itinerary!

For this reasons they are to be found outside the usual tourist routes. They are to be found in old town centers where guests can taste typically local dishes, particapate in local culture (festivals, religious celebrations, concerts and so on.), enjoy nature trails.

What qualifies as an Albergo Diffuso? Anything really! Love for the town! Why? You may ask. Because guests can sleep in rooms and apartments in the heart of the town, meet the locals in the neighbouring bars and eat in to the local restaurants. Rather than being remote from visitors, the townspeople take pride in welcoming guests and take care of visitors in quite a different way from those who choose a more traditional hotel. In this sense the town receives benefits and new tourists!

The owners of an Albergo Diffuso expect to be an instrument to help the promotion of Val Comino, local restaurants, and all quality local producers and artisans. We wish to diffuse our knowledge of very good local products and services and to initiate a new resurgence of Picinisco and the entire Comino Valley.