Ciociaria is the name of a traditional region of Central Italy. In the Middle Ages, this region was referred to as the campagna.

The name Ciociaria comes from the primitive footwear of its inhabitants called “ciocie”. These “sandals” were worn by the Latins; their wearers known as Ciociari in the following centuries, hence “Ciociaria”; now these kind of shoes are not used in everyday life, but remain a traditional symbol. They are worn by folk groups from the province of Frosinone and for historical feasts.

Ciociaria has a full calendar of food fairs, entertainment events and music festivals, as well as a variety of traditional feasts. Religious, country and rural traditions are still strong and alive. The celebrations on the feast days of patron saints with processions, bands playing, groups of singers, illuminations and fireworks, fairs and popular games, palios and tournaments witness the desire of the Ciociarian people to preserve the authenticity of their peasant culture with their typical costumes, music, rites and gastronomy.